Paw Partners


Fri, September 01, 2023

12:00 AM EDT



Branding with JHS allows your company to benefit from the vast appeal of pets. While partnering with us to help raise awareness for our programs, your company can touch the minds and hearts of consumers in a way that drives sales and endears them to your brand. Paw Partners can reach thousands of potential consumers and pet lovers each month: • 5,000+ building visitors per month • 75,000+ email subscribers • 200,000+ social media followers • 200,000+ website visitors per month Partnership benefits include: • Logo recognition with a link to YOUR website on the JHS Homepage for the calendar year • Complimentary meeting room space with a behind-the-scenes tour & pet visit • Partner recognition posts on JHS social media channels • Logo recognition and access to JHS signature events such as Mutt March and Toast to the Animals, and other events such as Tides & Tails • Kennel signage • and more... Sponsorship benefits can be customized to fit your needs, marketing efforts, and charitable priorities. If you want to become a JHS Paw Partner, please contact Development Manager Marin Haffner at or 904.493.4568. PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE* *To set up a monthly payment, select the amount (i.e. $200) in the custom amount section and select the monthly option. All payment plans must end by December 1, 2024. (i.e. if you are starting on October 1, 2023, your end date should be December 1, 2024) For help setting up a payment plan, please call contact Development Manager Marin Haffner at or 904.493.4568.

TICKETS Selected during registration

Furry Friends Package

$2,500.00 (1 Attendee)

JHS Business Starter Package! Includes logo with website link on the Paw Partners Webpage, two hrs. of meeting room space, access to Mutt March, and Toast to the Animals.

Happy Tails Package

$5,000.00 (1 Attendee)

Add a little more signage and access to your Business Package! In addition to the Furry Friends package, receive a Kennel Plaque (Dog or Cat) and additional tickets/ logo recognition at Mutt March and Toast to the Animals.

Big Bark Package

$10,000.00 (1 Attendee)

Now we are making some noise! Your logo will be displayed with a link to your website on every JHS page, VIP tickets to Toast to the animals and more!

Whiskers and Wags Package

$15,000.00 (1 Attendee)

The ultimate, tail-waggin' package! Show JHS and animal supporters your love for pets in our community with recognition and access to both JHS signature events, Tides & Tails, social media, signage and more.

Pack of Paws Package

$20,000.00 (1 Attendee)

We are stronger together! This level has it all. Your support will be doubled, 1 Dog and 1 Cat Kennel Plaque, sponsorship to ALL JHS events, VIP tickets etc. This sponsorship is the leader of the pack!